Thursday, January 7, 2010

Acronym challenge

J- is for ?
E- is for?
N- is for?

N- is for?
I- is for?
F- is for?
E- is for?
R- is for?

Yes, I left it blank. That is because I want to see what my wonderful readers can come up with! Leave me a comment filling in the blanks for my Jennifer acronym. You don't have to be nice, you can be sarcastic. It's okay to be mean to me if I know you're joking. If you don't know me very well, then make something up. I love to laugh!


John said...

J is for John... sorry but its true
E is for Egads! because its a funny word!
N is for Chinese thinking word, lol
N is for Nutty, (with a hint of meg)
I is for me, in first person.
E is for Egotistical! which Jen is not...
R is for Really Awesome and outRageously cool person!

Jennifer Connell said...

Hah, um J is for Jen! Sorry! But that was funny! Liked it.

Nancy Ramirez said...

J is for Justice Jennifer
E is for everywhere at once
N is for never far from her phone
N is for nice to everyone
I is for infatuated with Paris (not Paris Hilton, just the one in France lol)
F is for fabulously dressed
E is for eats like a bird (when she's cooking, watch out!)
R is for races down the highway (guys, catch her if you can!)

Btw, John forgot the "F" in your name, Jen. Dock him points for that! lol

John said...

uh huh... and I is for ISH!

Carol Connell said...

J - jolly(most of the time)
E - energetic(okay, not in the morning)
N - natural(Revlon and Maybelline have no place in her life)
N - nutrageous(comes from the Contino side)
I - intelligent(comes from the Connell side)
F - fun loving(loves to laugh, especially after meals
E - example(she is a godly one)
R - respected(because she stands for what she believes in)

That about sums it up!

Love ya, Jen!!!!

Jennifer Connell said...

Nancy- I don't eat like a bird! Hehe! And I don't race down the highway. YOU, on the other hand... ;) lol Hmm I never noticed the missing F. Bad job, bad job.

John- You did a great job spelling my name! ...ISH.

Mom- I'm glad you didn't forget that I love to laugh after meals. Thanks for sharing with the whole world! Hehe.