Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Make a coventant with your eyes

This is a poem my mom wrote and I thought it was good and worth sharing. I stole in from her blog not long ago and decided to post it. Her poems are better than mine.

Make a covenant with your eyes
to shield your gaze from satan's lies.
For pondering on forbidden fruit
can lead to sin, your soul pollute.

Imagery oft makes alluring cries
Make a covenant with your eyes.
Let your sights be turned away
from temptations that lead the heart astray.

Captivations of the mind
May spring from seductions, the visual kind.
Make a covenant with your eyes
not to look at the things that can lead to demise.

Sometimes it takes just only a look
to lead us away from God's holy book.
The way that is right, the way that is wise
make a covenant with your eyes.

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