Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Building walls

What are walls for? To protect things. To keep danger out. God puts walls around the things He loves and wants to protect. This past Thursday night at church Bro. Gaton came and taught at our church about wall building. He brought out some really good points that I wanted to share. They're really important. We need to pray and read our Bibles throughout the week. That's how we wall build. So many people slip away from God because they didn't build any walls in their lives. You can go to church and get blessed by the preaching and worship, but it will not keep you if you don't have a walk with God on your own. You can't rely on other people's relationships with God, you have to have your own. Bro. Gaton talked about how the devil told God if he took His protection away from around Job, that Job would curse Him. Job had a walk with God and was a righteous man. When God took His wall of protection away from around job, then devil ran in and then ran right into something else. Job's wall. Job's walk with God is what kept him. Even though he went through some very tough things, he blessed God. The devil could not get through the wall that Job had built. What Job did for Job is what helped Him. God may protect you and do things for you, but if you do not get your own relationship with Jesus and build walls of protection around your heart and spirit, things will come in and mess you up. Build walls in your life. Praying and reading the Bible is really important! We only have one life for Him, let's make each day count!


*~*Kate*~* said...

That is funny that you posted something about building walls in our lives. Because lately our pastor has been talking about fences, and how they are put up to shield us from evil. It is so true that we need to guard those fences in our lives, and to be careful in what we do, so we don't tear them down.

Thanks for posting it. It was very inspiring :)

Love Ya! :)

Jennifer Connell said...

"Never take down a fence until you know why it was put up." We need to protect ourselves! That's good he's teaching on that, your pastor is a great man. Glad my post inspired you!!

Love ya too!

*~*Kate*~* said...

That was the line that I was looking for lol thanks for reminding me :).. Yes I love my pastor very much :)....

John said...

also, brownie points for knowing that phrase, "never take a fence down..." Elder Morton recently said that.

Jennifer Connell said...

Kate - Glad I could help! Hehe! That's good.

John - I know that phrase because we have it on our church bulliten board. My dad heard your pastor say it before (I think) and put it up there.