Friday, February 19, 2010

Another interactive post

This is a riddle: If you think you know the answer, then comment! If you're not sure but you have a wild guess, please do so as well!

A train carrying 300 passengers de-railed and crashed.
Every single passenger on the train died.

When the railroad came out to the scene of the crash,
they heard cries for help coming from within the train.
How is this possible?


Nancy Ramirez said...

Every "single" passenger died. How about the married ones? They were prolly still inside.
Or... The person stuck in the train wasn't a passenger. He was an engineer.
(Sean came up with the second possible answer :)

Kenneth Scott said...

let me answer that by asking you this, a plane crashes on the border of Georgia and Florida. in which state are the survivors buried?

Caitlyn Kimbley said...

Thanx, Ken, for stealing my idea. Your so sweet. =)

Jennifer Connell said...

Nancy - Nice guess. =) Sean, ehh, kinda nice guess. lol!!

Ken - I don't think they bury survivors! But nice try! Hehe!

Cait - Aren't brothers great? *cough* lol

Anonymous said...

Could be a parrot that cried for help.