Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday Night Revival

Last night's service was so good! We had a very good turn out of people and God really moved. Bro. Hyler preached on letting Jesus start a new chapter in your life and letting Him take over writing. A sister in our church has been praying for her family and last night some of them came. Her sister, niece, and nephew! They were touched by the service and afterwards her sister told her she felt like the preacher was talking to her and that she wanted to come back. We also had some youth come and get break throughs. An elderly women in her 80's really got touched last night. Her name is Frances, please pray that she gets the Holy Ghost. Also, a couple in our church have been bringing their foster grandaughter and God is really working on her. Pray that she gets the Holy Ghost too! She is 12 years old and has had a hard life. There have been hungry, desperate people in our altars. God is doing great things in Oakley! Please keep this revival and our church in your prayers.

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