Friday, April 30, 2010

Thursday Night Revival

Last night we had even more people in revival. We had some backsliders come, and other people we have been working with. Our church is really starting to grow! I'm so excited for what God is doing here! It has taken a lot of hard work and time, but God is rewarding the labor of the good people of our church. Last night Bro. Hyler preached from Genesis chapter three, when God called to Adam and said "where are you?" He was asking us where we were spiritually and if we walked with God like we used to. Altar call was good.
The Hylers

Please continue to keep our church in your prayers. We are really having some breakthroughs! We had an unusual, very interesting opportunity to witness to a man last night. I won't say how for right now, but God is dealing with him. His name is Ken. Pray that he comes to our revival services! Thanks so much!! Will post more about revival later!

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