Saturday, May 8, 2010

Family Birthdays

May 5th - Happy Birthday Auntie Annie!

May 6th - Happy Birthday Uncle Bub!

May 7th - Happy Birthday Uncle Bub! (Again)

May 8th - Happy Birthday Uncle John!

You might be wondering if I have two Uncle Bubs. Nope! Just one! He was born right around midnight. I believe a little before midnight? So the real birthday would be May 6th, but on His birth certificate it has always said May 7th. Or it might be the other way around with the dates, but that was the story. Anyhow! Happy birthday to my family!!


Anonymous said...

*sniff* Jen, how could you! 'Member your "kindred spirit"? *ahem* Her birthday is on May 15...

lol, jk =)

-Me, hee

Jennifer Connell said...

Aww my kindred spirit, I miss you! lol I didn't forget! I will make a very special post just for your birthday!! And you need to let me know if you're gonna do anything so I can come and get off work! Puhlease! Love ya bunches!!