Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The spirit of busyness

Just a few days ago our family was sitting around the dinner table at our house with one other family. We got on the subject of church and moves of God that took place in meetings years ago. There seemed to be a different dynamic in the services back then. Deep moves of God, people lingering in the altars, not in a hurry to leave. Just hungry for more of God. I've heard of services that left people laying in the altar for hours. Such a powerful presence of God would be there because of the hunger of those people! Miracles would take place, great things would happen. Not to say that we don't have good moves of God in our services now, but something in me says we could have so much more. I hear these stories and look at things that happened in the Bible. God never changes! He still has that same power and that Mighty presence of God is still out there! But where is the hunger in the people for it? Oh yes, we go to church faithfully, we pray, we read our Bibles. But there is something that is stopping us from having more. And that is the spirit of busyness. We go to church, but we don't stay in the altar more then 25 minutes because we have to work the next day. We have to get home and make dinner. We have to do this, have to do that. I understand those things are important, but I do wonder what would happen if those things became less important to us. What if pleasing God, lingering in altars, hungering after and seeking deeper moves of God were more important. What if we all got in one mind and one accord? What could happen? What miracles could take place? God doesn't just drop miracles and His powerful presence in places where nobody is seeking Him! We need more of the Fear of God in our churches. I really feel like we could have an amazing Apostolic revival if people would stop being so busy a seek God on a deeper level. Yes, we will always have to work and run errands, but we can be more sensitive to God while we're out and about. If we get in the Spirit and we are prayed up, God can use us and lead us to people throughout the day. We could be in the grocery store and God will urge us to go talk to that man or lady down the aisle. We need to be able to hear His voice. We need to be sensitive to Him and what He wants to do. God always has work He wants done on the earth and He is looking for someone to do it. Someone who isn't too busy for what is most important. Something in me is stirring about what is most important. The eternal things are most important. We need to do a good job at work and take care of our responsibilites, but the things of God are more important. I want more! Jesus, help us to not be too busy for your work and your kingdom.

Matthew 9: 37 & 38
"Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few;
Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest."

If we're going to work and labor for the Lord, we can't be too busy with other things.

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*~*Kate*~* said...

What an awesome post, and SO SO SO true!... We really don't realize how busy we are throughout the day, so that by the end of the day we are 2 tired to do what is most important, and that is to pray and read our bibles. It's so true that if we start not letting the cares of life get in the way of our spiritual life we would see GREAT moves of God in our services. This reminds me of the service that was preached at Youth Retreat this year about how we need to dig deeper beneath the surface in God. That sermon has stuck with me ever since. It was awesome! :)...I really believe that if we go deeper beneath the surface God will do great things in our youth group, and in our services..God is an awesome God! :)...Thanks for the post! It was was a good reminder, and very inspiring!
Love ya lots! :D