Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A challenge for Apostolic young people

I was talking to a good friend not long ago about doing more for God. It seems there are not enough young people that truly want to make a difference and do something in the Kingdom of God. They might be good young people, but so many are too busy fighting for their own salvation. At a conference a few months ago, Bro. Davis preached a message entitled "Gaining Spiritual Advantage." We shouldn't be on the defense the whole time. We need to get on the offense and put satan on the run! The problem is there are not enough young people with a prayer life. When you get your prayer life straight, God can deal with you and get everything straightened out. If you think living for God is hard and you just look at it as a bunch of "do's and don'ts," there is no joy in your salvation. You need to pray "God, restore unto me the joy of my salvation!" When you really pray and get ahold of God on a regular basis and get rid of junk in your life, you won't feel that way. Reading the Bible is so important too! God will speak to you through His Word. When you apply the words on the page to your life, you will change forever. When you feel dry, you need to pray through. Praying through will do your spirit wonders. Know why? Because GOD moves in you when you pray through. And God IS love, joy, peace, righteousness, and holiness. When that is stirred up in you, it restores unto you the JOY of your salvation. The answer is to STAY PRAYED UP. GOD has your answer. Nothing else will work. Backsliding will not make a situation in your life better. Backsliding will not fix family problems or life situations. You get your answers when you're in the Holy Ghost. You get your answers by prayer and going to church, fasting, and reading the Word. Don't give up or let go. We are living in the last of the last days and it is not the time to let go. You may be the only one that can help your family live for God. If you let go, they'll never make it either. God will still do miracles and work wonders for those who are faithful and seek it! The devil may think he's got you down, but you do have advantage of surprise. You can turn around and say "NO devil, you aren't going to get me. I'm not giving up" When we gain spiritual advantage we can look out for others. If you aren't strong, how will you help your friends get to heaven? How will you help your family get to heaven? When we're so focused on our problems and situations, we can't be thinking of others. We need to realize how much we really do need eachother. What if a brother or sister is struggling? What if they need a miracle? Who is going to be there and interceed for them? Those who are prayed up and strong. Those who have gained spiritual advantage. So, I challenge young people: Live for Jesus with all your heart. Pray everyday, for others and yourself. Read your Bible everyday. Study to show yourself approved. Step up the plate. Put the devil on the run. Have faith with works. Take advantage of what God has given you...His Spirit. You CAN make it. You CAN be something for God. It doesn't matter what you've done and it doesn't matter what your family is like. Gain spiritual advantage!


*~*Kate*~* said...

Thanks! I needed this little reminder... I want to dig deeper, and go beneath the surface in my walk with God. Once again, Awesome post girl! :)
Love ya! :)

Jennifer Connell said...

Aw, you're welcome. And thank you! Your blog post you make about songs and things about God inspire me. Keep it up and we'll inspire eachother! lol Love ya too!