Thursday, August 12, 2010


We are having revival services tonight and Sunday with Bro. Savala. I'm excited! My neighbor might come and another girl I used to work with may come too. I also got to talk to a nurse from Kaiser yesterday about our church, and also got into a discussion with a Jehovah's witness. I really want to reach more people and see revival in our church. I'm going to keep pressing on - for I know I'll reap in time! Please pray for these revival services and that God would draw and bring these people we're inviting and working with. Thank you!


The Polished Plume said...

Exciting! Bro Savala will be with us Sunday night. I hope your friends make it!!

Jennifer Connell said...

Awww, Siena! Thanks for commenting, I added your blog to my list! :)