Monday, September 13, 2010

Just another one of my updates! :)

I have been so busy lately with work, church, errands, etc. This past Friday and Sunday night I went with people from my church up to the Gaton's church in Sacramento. They invited us to their revival and it was great! God really moved and the services were needed. It was definitely a big blessing to us and we were so glad to be there! We started the new quarter for Kid's church 2 Sunday's ago and it is way cool! I love it! And I'm not even a Sunday school kid. I love kids and doing fun stuff so I guess I'll never get tired of it! It looks really good and we are growing. Thank God! :) Sooo. I am finally learning songs in Spanish for church. About time, I know! I'm glad though and I am picking it up fast! I do horrible when I try and learn a language through school or a program, but if I am around people who speak it fluently, I pick it up pretty fasty. One step at a time! It looks like I will be going to Disneyland for the FIRST TIME EVER IN MY LIFE. Sad, I know! lol I am excited though!! I'll be going around the end of October if everything works out okay. Yay! Well that's my update for right now! I'll try and post something more exciting later!


*~*Kate*~* said...

Jen (Dahhhling)!!!!
That is SO AWESOME that you are going to get to go to Disneyland for the first time. You are going to have an absolute BLAST my friend! Anyways I am glad to hear that you are going, and I hope that it works out for ya :)... Love ya lotz and miss ya 2! ;)

Anonymous said...

THE FIRST TIME EVER??? Aye aye aye mija! Tu vas a tener un buen tiempo en el lugar mas feliz en la tierra lol Es muy divertida! Estoy feliz de saber que tu estas aprendiendo cantos en espanol! hehe Vas a estar una chola verdad hahahaha Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Ooohlala! You've had great things happening to you on your end. I sure know how busy you are, but it inspires me that you stay involved in church and in touch with your friends.
I am so happy you're going to Disneyland... It is a fabulous place to be, and you're never gonna forget how much fun it is.
Love ya, mon ami

Jennifer Connell said...

Kate - I know! I really hope it works out! haha! Thanks! :) Love ya too!

Eli - Sí, lo voy a tener un muy buen momento! Soy una chola real ahora! Es broma! Te amo!

Nancy - I sure am busy and I ALWAYS have to stay in touch with my friends. They're the you! Love ya!