Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This world is CRAZY

"Hey, young person! You're weird and you're crazy! You don't tattoo your body and cake your faces with make up like us. You don't show off your body, dye your hair a million colors or gage your ears like us! Hey, young man! Why don't you grow out your hair or let it go wild like us guys do? Hey, young lady! How come you don't chop your hair like the rest of us girls? How come you don't wear skin tight jeans? How come you always wear those skirts? You're crazy!"

That is what the world says and thinks of us Apostolic Pentecostal young people. The kids at school may always be asking you "why don't you do this," or "why don't you do that?" Maybe they tell you that you're weird or that you look funny. It sure happened to me when I was growing up, and words do hurt. But I want to encourage a young person. Think about it. THIS WORLD IS CRAZY. You're not crazy. THE WORLD IS CRAZY:The world looks and behaves un natural and abnormally.
The world changes their own identity.
The world sells their bodies for somebody elses lustful pleasure.
The world partys hard on Friday and has a hang over on Saturday.
The world isn't happy. The world is searching.

....And they make fun of US? THEY are crazy. Young person, next time somebody makes fun of you, just remember that you are normal. You are living right. Look at what sin does to people. Look at where it leads them! It makes them do all sorts of crazy things - one thing leads to another. Stand strong for what you believe in and the other young people will see a difference!

"That's right, I don't tattoo my body or cake my face with make up. That's right, I don't show off my body, dye my hair a million colors or gage my ears! That's right, us guys keep a good clean hair cut. That's right, us girls let our hair grow long and dress modestly. THAT'S RIGHT, WE'RE APOSTOLIC!"
"That's right, we have good fun! That's right, we don't need drugs or alcohol to give us a temporary happiness because we are full of everlasting JOY! That's right, the world is crazy. We are living the best life there is - a life dedicated to God."



Hanna K. said...

GLORY HALLELUJAH!!!!I felt that one! So true, sooo true...Thanks for adding those lovely Apostolic pics at the end---it was like a healing salve compared to those two other frightful pics lol. Seriously tho.

Good post.

The Kendrick Clan's Scrapbook said...


Anonymous said...

WOO WOO! Thats right

Mr. whittaker

BunnyEli said...

I refuse to be a part of a crazy world! Amen! I love this post! It is so true!

Jennifer Connell said...

Hanna - I know, those pics seriously are like healing salve after those other two pictures. So sad though! Thank God for truth..

Sis Kendrick - Hallelujah! lol We can all shout on that one!

Mr. Whittaker - I know who you are. lol

BunnyEli - Amen! We refuse!

Matt Kolej said...

Love the mohawk.....NOT! That post is so totally true never feel weird no matter how much your friends say you are(ahem paul). Great post!

Jennifer Connell said...

Lol Thanks Matt...yeah that could be you in that pic so be grateful! Haha!