Friday, December 24, 2010

Pink is pretty

I love pink and I probably always will! I can, because I'm a female! What's with all the guys these days trying to wear pink? No no no, pink is for GIRLS! Blue is for boys! Anyways - I was just looking at pink decor and considering I haven't posted any pictures in a while, figured I'd put some up. Of pink stuff. Because I like it. :)

I love this last couch! I like the old elegant stuff; it's so much prettier than all the plain modern things they have out now. One of these days if I ever have a little girl I'll give her a nice little pink room. lol!

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iamthepinksweatermaster said...

Jen you're so cool, thanks to my doing. (jk) I really like blogging even if noone else does read what I have to say. Anyway, I guess I should be getting off to bed. Night love.