Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Church update!

Adrianna and I after church Sunday

This Sunday my friend Adrianna came for her 2nd time to church! Her twin sister Gianna came with her last time. I am hoping to start a Bible study with them soon so please pray that God would work on their hearts and draw them to Him. I already sense a hunger for God and it is exciting to see. I'm believing God for great things!

By the way, the same service she came again (Sunday), my mom's Bible study, Maria, came and she got the Holy Ghost in the altar service! It was so exciting! Bro. Prado preached "And the waters prevailed," about baptism in Jesus Name! It was so good, and now Maria is getting baptized! Praise God for what He is doing here!


Anali V. said...

This is great, continue with your youth...give me pointers lol.
Love you

jen lord said...

Amen!! :)

Anonymous said...

Amen, Praise the Lord, Jesus is doing great things everywhere, right now major revival of the old saints is rolling in with the results of the harvest of new souls, to God be the glory...

Jennifer Connell said...

Anali - I just invited her! lol Sometimes people just need to know you care before they want to come to church or hear anything about being saved. A lot of times just being a friend to someone and caring for them will go a long ways in getting them to step in the right direction.

Jen - I love when you comment. ;)

Anonymous - Yes, to God be the glory. He is good! :)

Hanna K. said...

Love hearing this! It's encouragig. God is faithful; He will bring souls. As long as we STAY, revival WILL come.

Love ya Jen!