Wednesday, April 20, 2011

CPC Dedication & Anniversary service

We had a wonderful 8th Church/Pastoral Anniversary and dedication service on Saturday with Elder Hyler preaching. Once again, God really moved and His sweet presence was with us in that place. It's amazing all the people that came (even from foreign countries) to show their support! Thank God for the church! Afterwards there was a dinner for ministers and their families, and a potluck for the church and other guests. We all had a good time!

Here are some pictures of our service:
Song Service

Bro. Halstead making a presentation


Pastor opening a card

More of the presentation

Opening Gifts

Bro. Don Hyler III leading the service

Bro. Howard

Bro. Klann

Bro. Garza

Bro. Baker

Elder Hyler

Preaching an awesome message!

He had our family come up to the front and all the ministry gathered around us and prayed for us. The church family gathered around too and we all prayed together, then we all prayed over everything in the sanctuary, dedicating it to God and His purpose.

Thank you to everyone who made this day memorable and special to our church! We appreciate you!

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Hanna said...

We really enjoyed being there! It was beautiful :)