Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mastiffs have the munchies - Eeeeek!

This is how big a mastiff can get - huge! Compare the head sizes!
One of my newer clients owns a dog; A very big dog, might I add. A breed called 'Mastiff.' The first time I was at their house the doggy was outside, or somewhere out of sight, so I was not aware that they even had a dog. The second time I went to their house, this HUGE dog comes trotting up to me and I froze. Talk about startling! I have a little dog so I'm not used to this it all. The owners told me that she's fine and she won't do anything, but I still tend to avoid her since her size makes me a bit uncomfortable.

Anyhow, one of my supervisors was over there working with the client, and for whatever reason the nice doggy that doesn't do anything came up and, well, bit his backside! Eeeek! Now I'm more wary of this dog than ever! If she wants me for a snack I'll have to go crazy in Jesus Name! lol And what is pretty gross is that all this slobber and black goo comes out of her jowls. Talk about YUCK. So, pray saints pray! I really don't want a chunk taken out of me anytime soon - or ever!

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