Friday, September 9, 2011

Prayer Request

As some of you know, there has been major flooding going on back in some of the eastern states. Some of my family members live in Binghamton, NY, the area where my dad is from. My uncles (his 2 brothers) live there, and the places where they work were both completely flooded. The flooding has forced many people to evacuate their homes. My dad's mom passed away a while back and her house is for sale, but is in danger of flooding. If it gets flooded, it will cost my dad and his brothers more money, which is not good for any of them right now! So please keep this house, and my family, in your prayers if you have a chance. I have heard of fires that burn everything except for one house, because somebody was praying. God can do the same thing with a flood and put up barriers around this house. I believe it!
Flood wall

Streets and sidewalks under water

The bridge over the river. I have been over this bridge before, and now it looks like you can't even use it because it's partially under water. My Grandpa's old house right next to the river had water flowing through the second story yesterday....

Thanks for the prayers!!


Kathy McElhaney said...

I'll definitely be praying for your family.

Jennifer Connell said...

Thank you, Sis. McElhaney, I appreciate it!

Anonymous said...