Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New CD to listen to

My friend, Denae Abbott gave me her new CD, and I love it! Thanks, Denae! It's called "In The Sanctuary," and she wrote all of the songs on the CD. Every song is beautiful and anointed. I'm thankful for people who are talented and don't let it go to their head, they use it for the glory of God and not their own.

If you haven't got this CD, I would get it! The songs will bless you; There are messages behind them all. Beautiful!

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Anonymous said...

I also Heard "In the Sanctuary" by Danae Abbott and I LOVE it. She's been blessed with a beautiful voice and her anointed songs have really touched my heart!! Thank you, Danae for your sweet humble spirit and for allowing God to use you for His Glory!!!