Tuesday, October 18, 2011


On Sunday night we had such a powerful service as the spirit of intercession swept over the church. Our evangelist, Bro. Jerry Trevino, told us there was a spirit opposing our church that did not want us to have revival. He began rebuking it and talked about intercessory prayer, and the power of God fell. Later on he had the youth group come right up in front of the pulpit and challenged us to take up the responsibility of prayer. If a youth group can get a hold of prayer together, the church will have revival. He talked to us about the youth group he grew up in. They got a hold of the spirit of prayer and would weep and pray sometimes half way through the night. People in the their church would get the Holy Ghost while they were taking up an offering, the Spirit of God would take over during choir practice and they would start having church, people would be running the aisles during pre service prayer, ect. And it was all because the youth group learned how to pray and intercede. When a church gets a hold of this, something is going to happen. The reason we do not see everything we want to see happen is because we are not praying and fasting like we should be.

Last night our youth group got together and prayed again at the church, and the same spirit came over us. We prayed around and hour and a half, and God really moved. That's how I know something good is going to happen soon. The old song says "When the saints begin to pray for the Lord to have His way, the glory of the Lord starts coming down."

God is ready to do something here in Oakley! Revival has been extended and we are having church tonight, tomorrow night, Thursday night, and both services on Sunday with Bro. Trevino. Please keep this revival in your prayers!

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