Thursday, January 31, 2013

Reaping Time

I had to post more pictures. God is doing amazing things here in my home church.
I love this pic of Daniel before he got baptized -looking up at Pastor.

                                                      The girls helping during childrens church
AJ got baptized Monday night! My dad did a self portrait type of thing. They were the only ones there. AJ had to leave out of town the very next day and will be gone for a little while. Dad hooked him up with a good church and is in contact with him everyday. Please pray for AJ, that God would continue to work in him and bring him back safely.
            From L to R: Emily and Alexis. First time visitors last night, along with another little boy named Oscar. Alexis received the Holy Ghost last night during song service! She was so happy to be there and is getting baptized tonight!
Bible study with some ladies from our church about baptism in Jesus Name.
God is doing great things! Thanks for the prayers!! I look forward to posting more!

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Hanna said...

That first pic is can see the wonder in the kids eyes :) ♪Jesus loves the little children♪