Monday, January 28, 2013

Revival pics!

My heart is overwhelmed with all the wonderful things that God is doing in our church and in our city. All I can say is prayer and fasting WORKS and God is AMAZING! This is just the beginning! A while ago I made a post about all the kids that have come to church as a result of Bro. Mike passing away. It was called "It Started With a Tragedy." If you have not read the story, you can read it HERE!
Below is a picture of Bro. Mike's sister praying through to the Holy Ghost. She was a backslider for years and prayed through yesterday morning! I'm sure Bro. Mike is thrilled! :)

                                          Crowd watching the baptisms. Lots of visitors and family members of these kids came!
                            Above is Maryjane. When she got out of the water she shouted, "Thank you, Lord!!! I feel HAPPY!!"
                                                         Here is her sister, Izabel!! Maryjane and Izabel are Bro. Mike's great nieces.
                                          Little Daniel got baptized!! I love his sensitivity towards God.

The next 2 pictures happened last night. We had gone through service and were already having altar call when this young man walked in. Pastor Dad went back and asked him to come up and pray. The young man immediately put down his stuff and walked up to the front. You could tell he didn't really know how to pray, but soon he began to weep as he felt the Spirit of God begin to touch him. Shortly after this he was speaking in tongues as the Spirit of God gave him the utterance! How can anyone argue with what the Bible says when people can walk off the streets and experience something they didn't even know existed?! God's Word is so true, so accurate, and so alive!

He is having a Bible study with a man in our church and should be getting baptized soon! Thank you for all those that have been praying for our church! Nothing is as exciting as revival, especially in a home missions church! We're breaking out of home missions status!




Nonny said...

So awesome to see what God is doing for your church!! Praying that God continues revival!!!

Anali said...

So exciting :)))

Jennifer Connell said...

It's been awesome and I'm expecting much more! The guy in the pics on the bottom got baptized tonight! He's super excited. Thanks for all the prayers, it's much appreciated!

Jennifer Connell said...

Oh and Anali, yes, it's exciting. Thanks for going on my blog instead of calling me back! ;)

ChloBunny said...

That is so very exciting!! God is doing great things and you all are definitely reaping the harvest you have sown!! I will be praying for your church! :)
Love you Bunny!

Anonymous said...

We were thrilled to baptize that young man A.J. Last night at the church. He's very excited about what Godbia doing for him! We are excited with him!

Pastor Dad (as you called me) :-)

Jennifer Connell said...

Bunny, thanks for the prayers! Love you, too!

Dad, thanks for the comment. And I'm assuming you meant you're excited about what God is doing for him. (Godbia?) Hehe Love you!