Sunday, February 10, 2013

God is Good! (All the time!)

This week has been an interesting one, considering how much  I slept after coming down with the flu bug Wednesday night. *blehhh* Some days just blend together after a while! Do you ever have dreams when you're sick to where your eyes are open and you're aware of your surroundings, but you're also seeing other things happen at the same time? This happens to me. Quite crazy at times! One time when I was sick I was laying in bed and could see my room, but I was also at work and couldn't escape. It was horrible!  At least this time the dream was about people getting the Holy Ghost over and over - which leads me to my next subject!

2 girls received the Holy Ghost in our services today! One 12 year old in the morning and a 10 year old tonight. God is so good! This makes 9 total who have received the Holy Ghost for the first time during this revival. This is not counting those who have prayed back through. I am looking forward to God doing more. Our church has been really focused on souls, and I'm believing God for more. Not only can He add more, but He can keep those that He adds.

If you have been working with somebody and inviting them and they get the Holy Ghost, remember that the enemy of their soul is not pleased, and wants them back. He will steal them back if He can. When infants are born, they need much care and attention. New converts are they same way. We need to cover them in our prayers, teach them, spend time with them, etc. Them receiving the Holy Ghost and getting baptized in Jesus' name is just the beginning. Don't let them slip away. :)

God Bless!

I will some thoughts soon if I can find the time.


Roulini said...

Yes, God is good and He never fails! Glad to hear more souls are being saved. Keep that flu bug away, its trying to invade our churches!:)

Mary Frances said...

This is sooooooo EXCITING Jen!!! I'm soooo happy for you all!!! GOD IS GOOOOD!!! Love you!!! Xoxoxo Also...its been a WHILE since we caught up!!! :]

Jennifer Connell said...

Roulini, you're right, He never fails! Now we have to keep the flu bug away! I'm glad flu season is almost over!

Mary! It is exciting! And yes, it's been a while! I guess one of us will have to do something about that. lol