Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Truth about Hanali

Over the past few days my dear kindreds have gotten carried away attempting to make a name and a future for themselves. I would like to remind them what happens to those who try to make a name for themselves. It normally backfires. Just read Genesis chapter 11.
I'm sure these nurses pictured below probably had dreams and intentions when they were young as well. But here they are, nursing school long gone, snoozing and STILL addicted to coffee. The coffee addiction probably started when they stayed up too late in nursing school studying making blog posts about themselves at Starbucks or the awful Peet's Coffee.  Beware this does not happen to you! These poor old maids didn't think it would happen to them, either.
Hehehe, okay kindreds, just kidding, just kidding. Love you guys!! Keep your rooms clean amidst the books and papers and coffee cups!

*Disclaimer - this post is all in fun!


Hanna said...

HAHAHAHA!!! That picture is unbelievably accurate!
I see you have stooped down to our level and joined the much for "staying out of this one" *ahem* someone needs to learn to keep their word...wont say any names tho, JENNIFER ELISE CONNELL.

Heehee love you in spite of this post ahaha :p

Jennifer Connell said...


:) I love you too!

Anali said...

I say let's disown her ! Lol jk and Hanna, that picture is SO not accurate...their skirts and sleeves are too short
The truth about Hannali is that we don't like school lol.

Love you !

Jennifer Connell said...

lol I had to throw this post in there, sorry! No mas, no mas.
And yeah, I couldn't find modest nurses snoozing. lol