Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Diving for Treasure!

Yup - we've been diving for treasure in the church-house! Well, not literally, but that is our new Kid's Church Theme! I must say, it turned out quite cute! The past couple of lessons have been getting the kids to realize that Jesus has some lost treasures - people - that He is earnestly searching for because they are very lost in sin. It's amazing how much the bus kids can grasp this concept at a young age and cleary see that the people in their lives are lost. I love how God is working in their lives! This past Saturday I had one of them tell me she was going to ask God to forgive her for painting her nails. :) The same girl also told me that she asked God to forgive her for playing with Barbies. I didn't say anything to her about Barbies - not one time! This says a lot. My parents never allowed me to play with Barbies as a little girl, even though many other people let their kids. (Because of their suggestive way of dress and all that goes along with the story line) Amazing how God can convict children! The Holy Ghost is so real!
Here are a few of the bus kiddos we pick up for Kid's church. :)

 DJ and I - this child is HILARIOUS and is a pretty good beat - boxer. lol!
 The new theme - I love how it turned out! Makes me want to go on vacation! lol

 Jesus found Himself a new treasure on Sunday! Miranda was baptized in the lovely Name of Jesus! She received the Holy Ghost a while ago and just recently commited to being baptized and giving her life to God. Praise God!
 The spoke in tongues again when she came up out of the water. This is the REAL deal! It works!
So thankful that God is always searching to seek and to save that which is lost! There's nothing like serving God! Yes, there are ups and downs, and we do see some sad things happen in this battle for eternity, but God is so good and the good times out weigh the bad times!

To God be the glory for the things He has done...