Thursday, May 2, 2013

Vegan Hot Chocolate

I guess I should be doing other things right now, but first I'm posting this recipe. (This may not appeal to everyone) To all the healthy people out there that like sweets, here is a little recipe you might be able to use some time. You might want to hurry up before summer really hits.
Your ingredients will be:
1) 1 cup Almond Milk
2)  1 heaping teaspoon Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
3) 2 teaspoons Agave syrup
 1. Take one heaping spoonful (teaspoon) of Cocoa Powder and pour into your mug. (You can add a little more if you want it a little extra chocolatey)
 2. Take 2 teaspoons of Agave Syrup and pour on top of the Cocoa Powder.
 3. Mix Cocoa Powder and Agave syrup together well until it forms a paste like consistancy. (It doesn't mix right away, but keep on mixing!)
 4. Mix until it looks like this:

5. Fill a measuring cup with Almond Milk up to the 1 cup marker. Heat the Almond Milk in the microwave for about 1 minute. (If you like your drinks super-burning-your-tastebuds-hot, unlike me, you can microwave it longer)
 6. Pour a little of the hot Almond Milk into the mixture in the cup. Stir and let the paste mix with the Almond milk; then, add the rest of the Almond Milk and stir.
 7. Enjoy! You can add vegan whipped cream if you want.... (I don't, cause it's gross.) lol Or you can defeat the purpose of this drink and add regular whipped cream! (Tastes great!) Heh heh! ;)



Anali said...

Why are you posting about hot chocolate when it is like 1739704 degrees outside? LOL
love you!

Jennifer Connell said...

LOL Because I made some today and it was goooooood! Love you too!

Mary Frances said...

LOL are you vegan??? Sounds good tho... I woulda just added splenda instead of the agave stuff...I'm makin chocolate oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow!!! Super EXCTED about it btw!!!

Kendrea Farias Neufeld said...

Oh way to much for me!! Are you vegan?

Jennifer Connell said...

Mary and Kendrea, I'm not a vegan right now, although I did do that for a short period of time. I don't think I would want it to be a lifestyle, but I must say that while I did it, I felt soooo good! You can definitely feel a difference in your energy level and you feel so healthy. You also don't feel as tired during certain times of the day. Pretty neat. :) I'm considering getting back on the straight and narrow for a little while again. lol

Btw, Kendrea, good to hear from you again. Hope all is well! ;)

Kendra Thaler said...

Looks yummy!!! I tried vegan.. It's kind of hard in my house without it being super expensive! But I definitely have been eating very healthy. I'm losing weight, and feeling great! (Minus constant sleep deprivation lol)

Jennifer Connell said...

You're right, it's definitely expensive! Glad to hear you're doing good! It's pretty amazing how good you can feel if you just take good care of yourself consistantly! lol

Mary Frances said...

I've done vegan before too...buuuuut I'll never do it forever!!! lol

Mary Frances said...

I've thought about doing a no startch diet for a while before tho!!! Right now I just gotta stay consistent with Jenny Craig tho!!!