Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hello From South America

Greetings, fellow bloggers. :)

I have a short time to post. No pics will be posted until I get back to the U.S. So far, we are having a great time and are learning a lot everyday about Peru. The people here have been so sweet and so gracious to us! I am learning more Spanish and able to communicate some with the people. They absolutely LOVE when you even attempt to speak their language. Here in Peru, driving anywhere is an adventure. I have already flown into the seat in front in front of me and hit my head. Haha! (Not hard, I'm fine).

The huge traffic circles and intersections are basically a free for all; whoever is more aggressive wins. Elder Nix is HILARIOUS when driving! He sure knows how to get around in these parts!

We have to brush our teeth with bottled water and we have to carry toilet paper in our purses when we go out, because most public restrooms here don't have toilet paper. I try not to use public restrooms as much as possible!

There is a store here that is everywhere: Wong! Wong is so cool! I will post some of the pics I got before I got in trouble by the security guard. Lol Pray for our flight home! It's long. lol


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Mary Frances said...

Yaaaaaay I just got your email!!! I forgot to sign into that viber app!!! Don't forget to take pics of the two story McDonalds for me and the McCaffe thing!!! Sounds like the PI that you have to take TP with you!!! LOL