Saturday, August 3, 2013

Peru Missions Trip, Pt. 1

Our recent trip to Lima, Peru, is a trip that I will never forget. I saw many wonderful things I had never seen before, made new friends, ate new food, had new experiences, and also, along with everyone else, created some hilarious memories! I am so thankful that this all worked out. The Nix's and their church people were SO kind and generous; the hospitality was almost overwhelming! I am very grateful to all of them. Here are some pictures starting with the flight. We didn't all leave at the same time! 7 of our group left first, flying Standby. All of them made the flights, thank God! They flew from SFO to Houston, and from Houston to Lima. My parents and I left a few hours later from SFO, and flew to Dallas; then from Dallas to Lima. That was Wednesday, July 24th. Then, on Friday, the rest of our group (Bro. Kolej our youth leader and his son's) flew standby and all made it! Whoo hoo! lol
                                                       Mom and I
 We decided to have a bubble blowing contest. The things you do when bored on airplanes!
The Lima airport. I didn't get any sleep on the plane the whole way there. I have great trouble sleeping in cars, airplanes, etc. We arrived in the middle of the night. We were supposed to leave earlier, but our plane to Lima was having issues and we had at least a 2 hour delay. It was actually kind of disturbing...before we were about to leave, the lights kept blinking on and off on the plane, along with the air and everything! It got dark, then the plane got hot. The pilot determined it was the external power unit and not the plane. They were finally able to get it fixed and we took of. Whew! For a minute we thought we might have to get off the plane. Mom and I were just sitting there praying. Thank God He answered in our favor!
 A blurry pic of the help we received with our luggage! Bro. Keith Nix, along with Bro. and Sis. Alva and Bro. Jose kindly greeted us and welcomed us to the country! The people of the church were SO sweet and welcoming! I loved them!
 I saw KFC on the way to the house and had to take a pic! lol
 A rose! :) They gave all us girls roses upon our arrival as a welcome gift. So sweet of them!
 The Nix's had a beautiful little courtyard with this fountain and many colorful birds. It was so nice to wake up in the morning and hear running water and birds chirping; so peaceful!

 View from the front porch. The Nix's house was surrounded by a big wall with electric fence on top. Most homes have this, because burglary is a huge threat there. Some people have fake electric fences, but thieves go around and tap them with sticks to see if they're real or not. While we were there, one of the neighbors burglar alarms went off. Crazy!
 This is Jack! He was so adorable and sweet! Once he got to know us, anyhow. He is the guard dog, so naturally, he is on guard. He loved our company and had fun playing outside with some of us. I'm sure he misses the action!
 From the front porch - this is where the cars entered and exited the driveway. Someone would open the gate so we could get in and out. I loved the wood gates there!
 Inca Kola is HUGE in Peru. They have it some here in the states (Coca Cola bought them) but I hear it's not as good is out there. I drank Inca just about all week, and I don't even drink soda! lol I'm going back to no soda now that I'm back in the states.
 Everyone petting Jack. He had a sister named Jill, but she died a while ago so we didn't get to meet her. :(
 the girls from our youth group that went. From L to R: Miranda, Bell, me, and Trinity.
 Snack basket in our room.
 Getting ready for church!
 Okay, the driving. Whew. It's crazy! Haha But it was very...thrilling! I loved riding with Elder Nix; He was hilarious! The driving is basically a free for all. Lanes seem to be mere suggestions, and whoever drives more aggressively wins! Well, some big bus was SUPER close to us and trying to cut us off, and Elder Nix was like, "NOPE, bus! You're NOT getting by!!" *VROOOOM!!* Hahahaha We were cracking up! And he was right, he didn't let the bus win. It was very close, though. This was the same car ride I flew into the seat in front of me and hit my head. We also hit our heads on the van ceiling several times. Lol Many times we could have stuck our hand out the window and easily touched vehicles next to us.

 On our way to church.
 This pics got a little out of order, sorry! We went to a little missions work and had a really good service. I cannot remember the Pastor's name, but they were such good people and the favor of God was definitely with them!

 Trin trying to find the bathroom! lol
 Sarvia and I. Sarvia was one of the pastor's daughters. I really loved her spirit and attitude, and she was so pretty!
 After church. I would not have known a church was there until they rolled up the big door (kind of like a garage door) and let us inside.

 Bell at the house.
 View from the living room of the courtyard. The house is built completely around it, and it has a big net covering on top so that the birds in the courtyard can't get out. Although one day, one did get inside and got in my room! lol Sis. Teyo, the housekeeper caught it with a net and brought it back out, squawking and trying to get out of the net.
 I love this picture of Trinity, it's so cute!
 Bell and I!
 Hermana Teyo - this lady was an AMAZING cook! The guys wanted to bring her back to the states so she could keep cooking for them! lol
 Proof that I drank soda
 Lomo Saltado in prep! This dish was soooo good!
 The corn and avocados in Peru were HUGE!
 Our first dinner at the house....mmmmmm.
 These pictures were also before our first service but got out of order.
 Sibling pic!
 Sisters! Miranda and Trinity.
 Here is a pic of the sanctuary in our first service.
 The pastor's youngest daughter; She was so cute!
 The Pastor, Elder Nix, and my Dad.
 My brother greeting the congregation with Elder Nix interpreting.
 A few of us singing Cristo Yo Te Amo, acapella. God moved!
The first time dad preached in Peru. Bro. Keith Nix was an awesome interpreter; both for preaching, and when we were trying to have conversations with the church people!
 Front view of the church!
 We went to McDonalds after church, probably the hugest McDonalds I've been to! It was very nice and also had it's own McCafe bar where you could get your coffee drinks made. So cute!
That's all for now! I'll post part 2 later! :)


Anali said...

If you would've payed my way I would've totally been your personal interpreter. ;)
That pic of trinity is super cute ! Lol

Can't wait to see more! And geesh, people say Mexico is bad but I dont recall people having wired electric fences. Lol

Hanna said...

This is so COOL, for lack of a better expression!!! lol. So grateful this all came together, I know that it was a battle but God came through! You will stories to tell for years to come!

Anticipating part 2!

Mary Frances said...

Looks AWESOME!!! The church looks like the Filipino churches, especially when looking for the bathroom!!! LOL! Can't wait to hear more and don't forget to include the funny stories!!! :)

jen lord said...

Awesome update! More, More, More!

kim garrett said...

Hi Jen! Love the pics:) So glad you guys had a great trip!

Jennifer Connell said...

Kindreds - Wish you guys could have been thee!

Mary & Jen - I shall try and post more soon, within the next few days. :)

Kim - Thanks for the insight! ;) Hope the post brought back some memories!

Love you all!