Thursday, August 8, 2013

Peru Missions Trip, Pt. 4

Like I said, I don't know how many postsI will have to make until I get to the end of the trip. This is likely due to my camera happiness. :) I had to take pictures of everything!
Okay, so on to one of my favorites: food! Haha! I mean, who doesn't like to eat? Anyhow, we had this dish several times at the house called Pappa Rellena. (Filled potatoes!)
To make this dish, you mash a certain type of potato, of which I do not know the name, and re-form it around a tasty meat filling. Then, you try the potatoes. And Oh. My. SO. Good. This was one of my favorites!

 These pictures were from Sunday, the last day of the conference in Lima. We were supposed to have three services Sunday: Morning service, then a 3PM service, and then an evening service! The 3PM service was to be their missions service. Well, the morning service basically turned into the missions service after God took over! Dad preached "A Praying World and a Sleeping Church," and talked about how Jonah was running from God's will and was asleep on the boat, while the men on the ship were fearing and were praying to their gods. He mainly addressed the ministry, and I really believe some men surrendered to God's call in that service. There was a beautiful, lingering presence of God in the altar.

 They presented my dad with a very nice gift!

 Hanging out at the house and having some laughs!
 Matt, looking... ? lol
 The building where we had the conference, where Elder Nix pastors. The whole thing is theirs! Upstairs they have difference rooms and their Bible school.
 House across from the church. I love the wood!
 The flag of Peru was everywhere! I'm not sure if it's always like this, or if it's because we were there during the Independence day(s) celebration. Theirs lasts for 3 days.

 Mom speaking to the ladies about submission.

 Jefferson! This kiddo was a doll, and so sweet! He came up to us on the first night and shook all of our hands, saying "Gah-blesh-yoo" in English for us. (God Bless You!) lol So cute!
 The service I described earlier, and ministry being prayed over. I believe they were also praying for men who felt a call but weren't yet preaching.
 Lost in the Holy Ghost on the platform!
 The children's choir! They were cute!!

 Presenting mom with a gift.
Praying over dad before he preached. I won't forget this service!!
 And our last service at Elder Nix's church, everyone wanted to take pictures with/of us Americans. I had never had that many cameras pointed at me in my life! It felt like the paparazzi! lol So I had to take a picture of them taking pictures of us!

More smiles to come! :D


kim garrett said...

I'm loving all these pics! Makes me want to go back!!

Jennifer Connell said...

I want to go back, too! lol I do miss it, though I am glad to be home. Maybe someday!! ;)