Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Peru Missions Trip, Pt. 3

This post is mainly about the conference at the main church Elder Nix pastors in Lima. This conference was a blessing and we had some powerful services. God was there so strongly; I will never forget this conference! Different churches in the Lima area and from the jungle gathered together for a conference. Lima is about 10 to 12 million people. There are people everywhere! I've never seen so many people backed into one bus or one van. lol Anyhow, here are some pics and commentary from the conference.

 The praise singers were so cute! They all liked to match their outfits! :)
 Hermano Alva. This man and his wife are such good people! Such sweet spirits; plus, Bro. Alva spoke English, so that helped me feel more at home!
 Us singing again....they made us sing the same song every night! lol
 Elder Nix having my family greet the congregation.

 I must say, after this trip I came to realize that a lot of the way we worship is cultural. Example, running aisles. lol I didn't see any aisle running, and I don't think I saw much jumping either. The people were pretty stoic, not a lot of movement, but once the preaching or singing was done, they RESPOND. The power of God comes down so powerfully because of their hunger and sincerity! They cry and shake, and I don't see people looking around during altar call. They have their eyes closed the whole time and they are so focused. I said it before, but I just loved these people! One thing I noticed is that they all clap and sing during song service! I mean, it sounds like a choir of people because the whole congregation sings the words to the songs. It's beautiful!
 Trinity praying with someone in the altar! Aww!
 Miranda praying!

 These girls were so sweet!

 Bell playing with Jack. He loved the attention!
 Isn't he a beautiful dog!? (The above pic, not Matt below. lol!)
 Matt! Not a dog! He spoke some at the youth service and did a good job!
 Miranda got brave and spoke, too!! :)

 Dad preaching "I am Persuaded." He did a little object lesson - with human objects. lol He had the guys line up facing each other, while he tried to break through them as they attempted to hold him back. And he did it! Because he was persuaded! When he preached this at our church recently, he got through all the guys holding him back, but he ripped his shoe! Hey, whatever it takes! lol There is another picture of this message/humah object lesson below, since the pics kind of got out of order again. :(

 Youth service upstairs! Great altar call here as well!

 About to break through the things holding him back.

More to come! I have so many pics, I don't know how many "parts" I will have to post! lol I have some more of church, and lot of sight seeing pics. We saw lots of neat things; Like, the changing of the guard where the president resides, the Museum of the Inquisition, a Monastery De San Francisco & the Catacombs under ground, etc....and, half of our group got lost in the Catacombs! Worst place to get lost: underground with a bunch of skeletons. lol But we found them!!

Stay tuned.


Anali said...

Looking at your blog posts makes me want to go to Peru !

Jennifer Connell said...

I wanna go back! lol You should go, too!

Mary Frances said...

I wanna go to Peru with you all next time!!!