Tuesday, October 1, 2013

This post has many subjects

*Blog owner currently in major blogging slump*

Also known as busy.
Busy with good things!  I just want to give God praise for everything He is doing! He is doing some great things in our church and in me, and I'm grateful! A 16 year old young man was recently filled with the Holy Ghost and baptized in Jesus Name! God is also working and answering prayers right before my eyes.  It's amazing - when we do our part, He always come through and does His part! He is so faithful!

I have been working on my Spanish and getting better - yay! I do hope God allows me to go back to Peru sometime in the near future. I miss it and think of it often!

So glad fall is finally here - it's probably one of my most favorite seasons of the year. So much I like about it - the fall colors, warm clothes, pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving, my birthday, West Coast...etc.
Looking forward to many things!

Also, as a random note, don't ever fall asleep with a highlighter in your hand and the cap off. Very bad! lol I was reading my Bible last night and high-lighted a verse, then rested my eyes for a second... and fell asleep. Lets just say this morning was a bright morning; In a neon yellow sort of way!

I know this post is a bit random, but I'll end with this thought that someone recently conveyed:

Would you go to a big war or battle with only one bullet in your gun? 
That's what some people try to do spiritually. You can't pray through every few months or so and expect to fight the devil with that one, left over bullet. We have to be full of the Holy Ghost if we want to have spiritual victory!

Prayer everyday will work wonders in your life and keep you from dangers untold!
God bless!


Kathy McElhaney said...

Love your random post! LOL at falling asleep with a highlighter in your hand. Great thought about our spiritual battle!

Jennifer Connell said...

Thanks! LOL Love and miss you, Sis. M!!

Roulini Panggabean said...

Thanks for that encouraging word at the end! :)

Jennifer Connell said...

You're welcome! Hope to see you real soon! :)