Monday, October 7, 2013

What if?

Decisions Determine Destiny.

What if the rapture took place today? Would you be ready?
What if you died today? Would you be ready? Where would you go?
What if you marry the wrong person? Where will your life be in 10 years?
What if you don't keep God first? What kind of decisions will you make?
What if your role model backslides from truth? Will you still hold on?
What if your worst nightmare comes true? Will you still trust God?

Though none of us like to think about these types of things, it is something that we must at some point think about! I have had friends and role models backslide. Did it hurt? Yes! Very much so. I have seen people choose the wrong person to marry out of fickle emotions and even rebellion against the counsel of their man of God. Many of these marriages, unfortunately, do not last. Your decisions really do determine your destiny. Those who live for the 'now' will only get something for the moment, and will not have much to stand upon in times to come.

I have had unexpected disappointments happen. Some of you have had worse. No matter what takes place in our lives, we must have that resolve in us that says, 'no matter what, I WILL live for God. I will make it to heaven! I will hold on!'

What kind of decisions will you make today? Where will they take you?
I ask "what if," because it is an 'if.' Your future can and will be beautiful - IF.
If you do what's right.

Choose God's way today and forever!


Roulini Panggabean said...

Yes! Amen! I pray that I will always keep God number one no matter what life may bring.

Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Great post Jen...


jen lord said...

I will stay with Him, no matter what! Great thought-provoking post!

Frances Kendrick said...

I hate to think about it! But it is real life!! I would choose God!! :o)

Jennifer Connell said...

Amen, y'all! Choosing God is best.
And thank you, Dad. :)