Saturday, February 8, 2014

Amazing Biblical Find! *cough*

"Oh, real great."

Something like this was going through my mind while sitting and reading in a Peet's Coffee shop last summer. It was probably a week or 2 after I got back from Peru, and I was using a Peruvian style purse that the church in Lima and given to me before we left. I saw a man approaching the door of Peet's and immediately knew by something about his mannerisms that something was a bit 'off.' He looked like a normal guy; there was nothing strange about his appearance, but there was something about the way he carried himself that gave it away. And of course, out of all the tables in the room he decides to come and sit in the chair directly back to back with mine. Lovely. Have I ever mentioned God must have put a weirdo magnet inside of me when He created me? lol Sounds funny, but seriously, I am always getting approached by or having run-ins with people who are -- shall we say, different.

So, I have my very colorful purse sitting there on the chair next to me, and I continue to sit there and carry on reading or whatever I was doing. Then the guy starts turning around. "Here it comes." Yup, sure enough! He stands up and looks directly at me.
"Excuse me miss," he said, "but I couldn't help noticing your bag there!" I sit there and look at him, and honestly don't remember what I said. Probably tried to be kind. "Oh, okay. :)"

"I think -- I think I may have come across an important discovery!" Hmm, okay. He noticed my bag and thinks he may have made an important discovery. Okay. He continues, "I think -- it very well may be made from a fragment of Joseph's coat of many colors!!" He legitimately seemed excited.

I think my expression was blank, because I had no clue what to say. Really? He really thinks my purse is made from Joseph's actual coat of many colors?

"You know!" He said, "from the story in Exodus!" I nodded my head, acknowledging that I knew what story he was talking about, even though it's not in Exodus.

"Uhh, well actually, I got this purse in Peru last week."

"Oh really? Well, I think that they may have made it from a fragment of Joseph's coat!!!"

"No, I'm sure they didn't! They have this print everywhere in Peru. It's not from Joseph's coat."

He looked disappointed. "Aww, man. I really thought I came across an important discovery!" His excitement dwindled. Poor guy! But he got over it quick enough. He went and sat back down and I had to hold in my amusement so as not to hurt his feelings. But it was pretty hilarious.

Why, oh why me? I guess being a 'weirdo magnet' makes life more interesting! This man will forever be in my memory.

The end. :)


Mary Frances said...

This story was sooooooo HILARIOUS to me!!! Annnnnd I was thinking too, Exodous??? That's like literally THE LAST story in Genesis!!! AHAHAHAHA!! You shoulda corrected this Bible Scholar on that one Jen!!! Annnnnnd you have a WEIRD magnet...I just have a CREEPER magnet!!! This past week I'm driving MJ to school early in the morn and every single stop light this man STOPS open his window and him ANNNND HIS DOG stare at me!!! Sooooo then I like switch lanes and HE SWITCHES lanes and sho nuff him ANNND THE DOG stare at me!!! I'm like WHAT IN THE WORLD???

Jarrah said...

Hey, Jen!
It's Jarrah Trevino. Remember me? ;)
I just wanted to tell you how much I love reading your blog.
I read it often and look forward to all your awesome post. Please keep it up. =)

Jennifer Connell said...

Mary, I didn't correct him! I think I was still half in shock that this guy really thought my purse was made from Joseph's coat! lol And you're right, you do get creepy people following you! lolol

Jarrah!! Of course I remember you! It's really good to hear from you; thanks so much for commenting! Thank you for your kind words! I miss seeing you guys around here and hope you come back soon! God bless!

jen lord said...

I have no words... lololol!

Heather Kendrick said...

Too Funny!!! My Son seems to have encounters like this too. Just recently he stopped by his high school choir class to visit with his teacher, and see how she was doing. One of the girls in the class walks up to him, and gets right in his face, and said "Who are you???" He said "Ummm, Jordan" then she said "You're Chubby" Jordan said "Ummm, Thank You!!!" She said "You look like Augustus Gloop from Willy Wonka" then she went and sat back down. He said at first he was confused, and then he realized she had special needs. He was dying laughing! My sister said the girl sounds like she may have autism... They are very literal thinkers, and are not afraid to tell you what they think!!! ;)

Jennifer Connell said...

@ Jen - that's kind of how I felt, too! lol

Sis. Heather,

That is a hilarious story about your son! The girl does sound autistic, and they really are very literal thinkers! Gotta love 'em! I work with Autistic children so I totally understand!