Wednesday, June 4, 2014


My dear Hanna graduated from nursing school! I'm so proud of her! The graduation and the graduation party were very fun, special, and memorable. In more ways than one. Hanna was showered with gifts and had people drive and fly long distances to see her. Hanna, you are very loved!


We won't talk about when we all indirectly got pepper sprayed at Loard's ice cream....
That was memorable. Everyone was coughing and choking. Haha! It's funny now.

We had our 2nd youth group car wash this year as a fundraiser for PCC which is coming up very soon! They both went really well! We had tons of cars to wash and made good profit! Talk about exhausting though! I'm glad that we can be a witness just by living for God. We had several people ask about church. One guy was watching us wash/dry his car and asked, "where did you get all these good young people from?"
I was also very proud of myself because one of our customers asked me (in Spanish) if I spoke Spanish. I was able to have a conversation with him and answer his questions!  (In Spanish) Yayyy.
Daniel and Miranda washing pastor's truck

This guy came rolling in... we were thinking 'this is a car wash, not a semi truck wash.' lol But he only wanted the cab washed, not the back. And he paid us 20 bucks, so we were cool with it! Talk about some nasty bugs in that grill though!
Some taking a pizza and Inca Cola break!

Yesterday was dad's *5th birthday! The day before we were at Black Bear Diner with the Wilson's. I told our waitress about his birthday and they brought him a dessert and sang; But before that, the owner (who is a real sappy-charismatic type of church guy) announced to the restaurant that it was "Pastor Pete's birthday!! Let's all sing Happy Birthday to Pastor Pete!" My dad was so embarrassed, but it was hilarious. :)
Happy Birthday, Dad!! I love you!

And one random picture for the record.
Can somebody say 'Amen?!'


jen lord said...

You Kindreds are so PRETTY! :)

Look at you, speaking Espanol! Gloria Dios!

Happy Birthday, Brother Connell :)

Roulini Panggabean said...

Congratulations Hanna! 🎓

Glad you made good money on those fundraisers and great job on your Spanish speaking!!

Happy Birthday Bro. Connell.

AV said...

Yes Jen Lord, my kindred's are very pretty ;)

Happy 5th Birthday to pastor Pete! haha