Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pacific Coast Camp 2014

Pacific Coast Camp has always been a huge blessing to me and my walk with God. I can go back to services and times in this camp where God touched me in a way that changed who I am. This year was no exception! The messages preached by both Bro. Jason Hood and Elder Kenneth Baglin were phenomenal! I was so blessed and touched. God knows exactly where we are at, and that can sometimes be overwhelming. I didn't get to take very many pictures at all, especially during service. Here are some shots from this week! If you want to read more and see more pics, go over to Mary's blog!
 My photography, Anali's hands, and Marvin and Nicole as our guinea pigs. Hehe
 Awww!! Aren't they cute? Also very entertaining.
 Staff Vs. Camper's basketball game! We won't talk about the outcome.
 Thank you, Cara Wilkins for sending a big cookie pie down to camp! We enjoyed it! Coco did, too. Obviously.
 Mary, Our WONDERFUL COUNSELOR! But not the princess of peace... she actually looks a bit confused here. lol We loved having Mary at camp this year!! She has a way of livening up EVERYTHING!! Love ya, Mar!
 Michelle from Bell Gardens! This girl was really sweet and hilarious! I met her as she hugged me. She was like, "Hi, I'm Michelle!!" as she was already giving me a hug. LOL! Very sweet! I love that we can be like this with God's people. You don't know everyone when you go to a camp or conference, but we're the family of God, and so we can connect that way. There is no better place on earth than God's church!!
 Watching the baseball game!
 Love my kindreds. :)
 My brother had swarms of people around him due to his sleight of hand tricks. He's gotten to be pretty good!
 Sasha and Daniel's teams placed in Junior sports! Yay!

 Mesgana! His team took first!
 Trinity, Miranda, and Matthew were all on teams that placed, too!

Our "feeling blue" picture. We were supposed to look sad but Eliana couldn't stop smiling. She's hoppy. :)

I had a wonderful time and camp was a strength to me, both the wonderful services and the fellowship! I haven't laughed that hard in a while!

God bless!


Mary Frances said...

NOT the Princess of Peace!!! AHAHAHAAHA!!! That's AWESOME!!! LOL I think after everyone posts about PCC I'm going to do a post on my blog with links to their PCC posts!!!

Jennifer Connell said...

Mary, you're too funny! Miss you already!

Cara said...

Anytime you need cookies for an unofficial banquet, give me a call! Hahaha! Love all the pictures:)

Jennifer Connell said...

LOL, Cara! I will! ;)