Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Photo Post

I am posting some other pictures I had on my lap top from Peru that I never posted. But before you scroll down, I wanted to make my readers aware of the extra link list that I have added above my normal blog list! It is a link list solely for the blogs and websites of missionaries. A few different links are for Peru, so be sure to visit those, including the blogs! Not to mention the others I have on there! It will grow.
Okay, more jungle pics:

 Class in session at the Bible College in Lima

The student standing up in the white shirt is Omar; he is very funny and also thinks that just about everything is funny - when he laughs, it's hilarious! He grew up in the jungle but is now living in Lima.
I saw some interesting graffiti on different walls in Cusco, and this one of them:
"Yo soy Palestina, y tu?" (I am Palestinian, and you?)

The short little mountain ladies walking around with their llamas are quite a site. They're so cute!

The Connell family and Bro. Keith Nix! This was on our tour of the city and some Incan ruins. Look how perfectly they cut the rocks to fit with one another! Pretty neat!
Outlook over the beautiful city of Cusco

And another lovely creepy Peruvian manikin! They love to put these things in the markets to bore holes into you with their weird eyes. Maybe they're there to scare all the superstitious tourists into spending oodles of money on souvenirs. Ha!

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