Friday, February 27, 2015

Selfie Madness & Other Poses

Machu Picchu, being one of the Seven man made Wonders of the World, attracts around 30 million visitors per year. That being said, every day there are people from all over the world visiting Machu Picchu for (most likely) a once in a lifetime experience. While Paul and I were touring and exploring, we viewed a good number of people throughout the day taking selfies or having someone else take a picture of them with the beautiful scenery in the background; But more than that, there were some pretty ridiculous poses going on. Rather amusing!
This was the Number One pose at Machu Picchu:
                                             1. Stand on high rock. 2. Spread arms out as far as you can. 3. Look ridiculous!

 I don't even know what kind of pose this was supposed to be! ^^^
 This last one cracks me up! The lady was laying down on her back (probably getting covered in bugs) and had her camera on one of those long poles that I don't remember what to call. I don't even know if these 2 ladies knew each other, but they were having a time taking pictures of themselves in absurd poses.

Pretty silly. I decided to show them how it's really done!
Poised as a conqueror, grand nose protruding from profile, above ancient ruins.
A true Greek, am I. A true Greek.


Carol Connell said...

You have a typo underneath your selfie. I believe it should read, "A Geek am I. A true Geek.

Mumsy :-)

p.s. Estoy bromeando!

Jennifer Connell said...

Haha, thanks a lot, mom! lol