Friday, March 27, 2015

Machu Picchu Adventures

This is the official Machu Picchu post! We truly serve an amazing God! To think He created all of this beauty that will one day pass away... and He has prepared a much better place for us! Imagine what heaven will be like. I'm determined to make it.
We had to walk a trail for a few minutes before we came to the place where the beautiful entry view of Machu Picchu unfolds.

There were people everywhere from different parts of the world. So many languages I heard!

Here was our tour guide! He had us sitting here in a grassy area in the hot sun while he explained some things - facts and history - about MP. During this time I was feasted upon by a host of bugs. Thankfully, we moved on with the tour to the cool part!
Lots of climbing steps!

Dad and Bro. Nix
Aren't these steps so cool? It's amazing the stonework of the Incas left behind.

A little Chinchilla was chinchillin' in this little hideaway while tourist snapped photos.

This older Peruvian gentlemen was just hanging out and I snapped a picture of him. I love how the older Peruvian men and women look! They're so cute and tiny. lol
The brother and I!
This was such a pretty view!

Sometimes brothers just need a little shove in the right direction...hehe.
"Not Pass." lol
These lovely llamas were walking around the trails just hanging out and doing what they pleased. Thankfully, none of them spit on any of us.

Poor stray doggies everywhere! Even up at Machu Picchu!
At the base of the mountains that hold Machu Picchu there is a little town called Aguas Calientes. We went back to Aguas Calientes after our tour and had lunch there; then we did some shopping in the markets! I love this picture of these 2 ladies. It's very typical of the mountain women to wear these types of hats.
Tons of musical instruments! Fluts, Charangos, etc.

This guy was sitting down, probably looking at his phone. But it looked like he was gazing into this pot, maybe pondering something deep. lol So I took a pic.


R. Keith Nix said...

Great, er...finish to this post! :-D

Courtney Tarpley said...

Wow. Machu Picchu is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer Connell said...

Thanks! Ya know, an end for the end... glad you appreciated it. lol

Courtney, yes! It is extremely beautiful! Maybe one day you'll get a chance to go!