Monday, March 23, 2015


If you have not read my previous post, I would do so before reading this one!

On Course Youth Conference is something that we look forward to every year; Both the good, clean fellowship and powerful moves of God are things you can always count on there. I'm thankful for people who have the vision to put something like that together!

The last night of On Course was no exception! Elder Jonathan Dudley preached on "A Revival of the Name," talking about the power in the Name of Jesus!

Miracle # 1. A lady from our church has had a bad back/back pain for years.  She has been faithful to the house of God and has come up many times to be prayed for, but has returned to her pew with the same problems. I believe that God saw her diligence and decided it was time! When we keep going to God in faith, eventually it will come up as a memorial before Him that He has to do something about!
Sis. Joslyn called for Pastor to come pray for her that last night of the conference. It was until she had got to the restaurant after church that she realized she was not in pain! I saw her run the aisles that Sunday night, and it was evident that God had touched her and she was no longer in pain! To God be the Glory!

Miracle # 2. I was sharing this story with my dear friend, Hanna, who in return told me that God had healed her mother's knee! To God be the glory!

Miracle # 3. After the amazing move of God that we had the day after the conference, (which I posted about previously) my brother and I were driving home from Fresno. We had received a call from one of the kids that rides the church van to Kid's Church, and Paul called him back on the way home. He is about 10 years old and has been coming for almost a year now! He began to tell us about his baby cousin who was hospitalized with breathing complications.  My faith was so high from the preaching at the conference and the move of God that we just had. I asked him, "Jason, do you believe that if we pray in Jesus' Name, He will reach down and heal your baby cousin?" A little surprised at the question, he replied he did believe. Paul and I began praying with him right there on the phone and believed God to do it. I honestly forgot about it, until the next day after Sunday night service when we received an excited phone call from him.  "Remember how I told you about my baby cousin in the hospital?! Well, the doctors released her and she was supposed to stay longer!" God had touched the baby and she was able to go home. Jason was so excited that God had truly heard and answered his prayer. He told Paul, "I don't normally cry when I pray, but this time I did!" Yesterday at Kid's Church he asked to testify. He excitedly stood up and, with enthusiasm, told everyone what God had done. To God be the glory!

God has really been moving in our local church, and I feel He is getting ready to do something big. The presence of God has been rich, the gifts of the Spirit in operation, and people seeing the baptism of the Holy Ghost. I'm looking forward to posting more victory reports!


Courtney Tarpley said...

Thank you Jesus!! So exciting to hear this! Our God is Awesome!!!!

Nicole Wakefield said...

It brings me so much joy to hear of the miracles that God is doing around the world, and the ways that God is showing himself to his people. Thank you for sharing Jen!!

Jennifer Connell said...

Courtney - Our God is awesome! Hope you are doing well!

Nicole - Reminds me of your healing testimony you shared a while back. I never forgot that! Thanks for reading and good to hear from you. :)

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Great testimonies!! Loved reading these. Thanks for taking the time to blog about them!