Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Weddings and Friends

 The past several months have been full of weddings! Beautiful weddings upon which you could feel the favor of God, I might add. Sarah and Raul's wedding was sweet. When God is the one that brings two people together at the right time, it could not turn out more beautifully. Anali and Joe's wedding in August was one upon which you could feel the hand of God. I'm so proud of them!
Sarah and Raul's was nothing less. When God unfolds the rose He always gets it right.
 Decorating the night before.
 Even the bathrooms looked cute!
 Sarah and I took on the job of unclogging the hand. Her little nephew had lots of fun throwing tons of toilet paper in the toilet when nobody was looking! Ha!
 Country chic! I must say, I like my boots and it was pretty neat being able to stand comfortably on the platform during the ceremony. No high heels! Whoo!

 I am happy for this couple and know that God will use them beautifully as they continue to commit themselves to His purpose.

This past Saturday God joined together yet another awesome couple - Two young people dedicated to God. Marissa is one I have always admired for her dedication to God, and it was very apparent that God's will has been done in bringing Marissa and Stanley Hopkins together... my heartfelt congratulations to them both!
 I was in a bad spot during the ceremony and couldn't really get pics, but it was very classy! The ceremony was beautiful.

I am so thankful for godly friends! Many are in transition periods in their lives, but one thing I can say is that any young person who dedicates themselves wholly to God always gets the best. I am so thankful for such a good number of godly friends. I'm truly blessed.


Carisa Luisa said...

Aww! How sweet! So many weddings!

Jennifer Connell said...

Yes, Ma'am! You're next! ;)

Karen Mester said...

I love weddings! Such a happy occasion to see a godly young couple in love joined in holy matrimony. Two are better than one, the Bible says. I love the parallel between the bride and the groom and Jesus and his bride, the church. Looking forward to that great wedding someday when Jesus comes back for His bride. May He find us spotless, and our robes pure and white.

Jennifer Connell said...

Amen to that! It is an awesome parallel and helps us understand God's love and even excitement to catch up His church. I know it's just around the corner and I want to be ready. Love ya!