Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Honduras, Pt. 1

Last month I was privileged to be able to go with my close friend, Hanna Kifle to the lovely country of Honduras! First of all, I am so thankful to the Schreckhise family for their hospitality! We felt so at home with them and had a wonderful time. It's been my experience to come home from missions trips feeling like you received so much more than you gave. And it's been my experience that missionaries are givers. They give of their time, love, finances, and more as a continual sacrifice to serve in their field. Don't forget to pray for our missionaries! AND - if you tell they that you will indeed go visit them - do your best to make it happen. Even if it takes a while! (I know, I still owe some people some visits! And I will do my best to come...if the Lord comes, I'll see y'all in heaven!)
 We left on a Sunday evening... it was quite the trip! The layovers were pretty long, so we had plenty of time to kill!

 Hanna and her friend she met at the airport... I don't really approve of his apparel or his pose, but whatever..lol!
 Speaking of friends.... before we boarded one of our planes, we were snickering at this guy's totally blinged out outfit! Including his gold shoes. We forgot about it until we were boarding the plane, and guess who Hanna got to sit next to? Mr. Gold Shoes himself!
 Hanna managed to catch a short amount of sleep on the plane. I did not, so I took pictures!
 We arrived in San Pedro Sula, Honduras the next day and were warmly welcomed by Bro. and Sis. Schreckhise and and their daughter, Sarah! It was pretty much a breeze going through immigration. Hondurans are generally very laid back!

Our first meal in Honduras was.... Peruvian food!! I ordered arroz con pollo, and it was very good.

 The currency in Honduras is called the Lempira. One United States dollar equals around 22 Lempiras.
 Me, Sarah and Hanna in San Pedro Sula.
 Hanna and I stayed in Francis' room, the Schreckhise's adopted daughter. She was so sweet! Thank you, Francis! Visitor's sign the wall in her room. Cool idea!
 The back yard.

 Charity and Lydia showing us the fish!
 The Schreckhise home. It's a concrete house... I loved it! And I loved this sign in their home.... it's very accurate! ;)
More to come about the awesome church services!


Hanna said...

No. You. Didn't. LOL!!!

Okay, okay, we are even. Let us call a truce, my dear friend...until I come across some more great blog material, that is ;)

♥ you Jen, I'm so glad we got to go together!

And I second that, I definitely received more than I gave. God is good!

Jennifer Connell said...

LOL.... You started it!
Okay, truce. Unless you break it! Ha!
Love you, too... same here!

HonduranChikka said...

Maybe I SHOULD blog and post something really interesting of BOTH of you! *evil grin*

I am so glad ya'll got to come. (I was a BIT rough putting up with ya'll, but...you know...) You have to come back! Love ya so much!

Jennifer Connell said...

Hmmmmm...... Well, at least you would have finally blogged! Hahaha!!
Or maybe you shouldn't.... *cringing emoji*

Well, it was rough being there as well, but I suppose we will consider coming back some time. Haha! Kidding! Love you, too!! Blog soon! ;)

jen lord said...

I love reading these posts through both of your perspectives! (So much so that I'm gonna leave this comment on both blogs). Funny how Hanna left Gold Zapatos off of her updates. Hmmmmm.

Mary Frances said...

Duuuuuude!!!! I LOOOOOOVE Francis's wall idea...that is SUCH a great idea!!! IF I ever have my own home, I am sooooooo DOING THAT!!! Also loooooove their family sign, especially the part at the end that says, "We do loud really well!" We sooooooooooooo NEED THAT!!! LOL

Mary Frances said...

Ooooooh annnnnnd the blinged out dude, those shoes were HILARIOUSLEY AWESOME!!! Wish you had gotten a pic of the WHOLE outfit!!! Soooooo Hanna got to sit by him on the plane...that's just SOOOOO HER TYPE!!! ;)))) AHAHAHAHAHA!!!

R. Keith Nix said...

Great post! The Schreckhises are top-notch, and are doing a wonderful work in Honduras. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

That back yard looks like my kind of place. :)

Jennifer Connell said...

Jen - I know, she didn't mention Mr. Gold Zapatos. Thanks for commenting! Love you!

Mary - I could definitely see you doing the quote wall. ;) It is a cool idea!

UK - Yes, they are! I agree - I think you would like Honduras!