Monday, February 15, 2016

Honduras, Pt. 2

Our first few days in Honduras were spent in preparation for the annual Family Camp! The campground oven decided to go out before it was time to camp, so Bro. Schreckhise and some guys that came over worked on getting a new oven part ready so the food could be cooked for the campers.
 These people know how to WORK!
 Here is the road the Schreckhise's live on.
 We stopped by the church and took a look inside. While we were there we met some adorable kiddos!
 Hanna looking at the preacher in one of the Sunday School rooms at the church.

 Charity and the youth leader's youngest son.
 And both the youth leader's sons! These boys are adorable and have tons of personality!

 Above is the current sanctuary. The Pentecostals of Honduras are growing and just broke an attendance record for their children's church this past Saturday. 143 kids!! Praise God! The picture below is upstairs above what I think is a fellowship hall (?) and Sunday School rooms. They plan to move their main sanctuary up here where they will have more room once they have the funds to complete it. A church from the states recently came and did the wiring for them! When they move upstairs, they can what will be the old sanctuary for Children's Church! They use it for Children's Church now, but they can't do much decorating since they have regular services there, too. Keep this need in prayer! There are many children coming and being touched by the presence of God. My next post about Honduras should have pictures of this.

 Crazy fun in the van! Scary, I know...
 The youth leader and his wife. He is absolutely hilarious!
 Nearby the church.
 We went to eat at the mall and Charity got some new hair!
 I tried a Pupusa for the first time. Yum! Pretty good!

 Love this girl! Our first full day we were there she decided she wanted to call me "Angie" instead of Jen! So, I became Angie, but that required me giving her a new name. So she became "Annie!" Angie and Annie had fun together. :)
 Bro. Josiah's preacher pose!
 At camp they have what I think is an awesome system--a great idea! There are a lot of new converts that have trouble getting modest clothing, so they do a clothing exchange. We sorted out bags of clothes for men, women and children and then sorted by size. The people can come and exchange their old immodest clothing for modest and godly clothing! This not only provides modest clothes but encourages them to get rid of their immodest clothes.
 Josiah does a great old man impersonation...

 The first day of camp before services started there was lots of kitchen prep and cooking to do. It was fun! Like I said, these people are hard workers. It's awesome to see young people helping to work this camp and make it happen! There is something so rewarding about putting effort into camp and not just showing up to receive---and that's what these people do! Effort! We were blessed to be there and be able to help however we could. Although they did most of the work!

 The finished product of dinner the first night before church started! Yum! It was very good.

 Josiah and Bryan. Bryan is a hilarious kid who we had a lot of fun with! He talks VERY fast and doesn't pronounce his S's (actually, pretty much all Hondurans do this) so he can be pretty hard to understand. I kept having to tell him to slow down with his talking. If I wasn't able to understand I rapidly mumbled gibberish back to him, which he seemed to think was hilarious. Fun!
 Cute hermanitas working in the kitchen!
This is a picture of pre-service prayer Saturday morning. We had an awesome move of God and I think the guy kneeling with his hands up (his head is above the piano next to the plant) received the baptism of the Holy Ghost! God moved in an incredible way, for which we were all thankful. Keep Honduras in your prayers!



HonduranChikka said...

You know, I don't know if my dad wanted everybody to know that he is a professional lice-picker. Anyways, you have already posted so I guess it is too late. (First pic :o) HAHAHAHA

I am loving all your posts, keep them coming. :D

Jennifer Connell said...

HAHA! I didn't even notice that it looks like he is picking through that guy's hair. That's pretty funny... Now you have me scratching my head wondering what was really going on... (Lol)