Thursday, February 25, 2016

Honduras, Pt. 3

The Pentecostals of Honduras started their Family Camp Friday night, January 22nd. From the very minute pre service prayer started there was a wonderful presence of God. These people had prayed and fasted, and you could FEEL it!
 After a great worship service, the young people sang a couple songs.
 Francis sang a solo! I love this girl. She has a beautiful spirit.

A trio from Bell Gardens sang.
 It was quite funny that after Hanna and I had already planned to go to Honduras and had our tickets, we found out that Bro. Trevino (who pastors in California) and his whole family were going to the same exact camp in Honduras along with a group from their church! So, we definitely had American company while we were there. I had known Bro. Trevino was the preacher before hand, but we had no clue his family and all these other people were coming. We had some great fellowship and made lots of memories.
 Altar service was beautiful. There was a lingering presence of God and many people stayed and prayed for a good while.

 Sis. Schreckhise hugging Kimberly. I believe Kimberly is still seeking the Holy Ghost. When you remember Honduras, keep this young lady in prayer!
 Young people seeking God.

 The beautiful Allana Schreckhise. This is an awesome young lady with a lot to offer! Just saying....

 The next morning (Saturday) the services were split to 2 locations. The kids had Children's Church at the church building in La Ceiba, and the adults stayed and had service at the campground in Roma. Bro. Justin Stinson preached in Roma and Bro. Fontanez ministered to the kids in La Ceiba. I was at the campground, so the pictures of children's church were taken by others.

 Little Miss Charity Schreckhise and a few others were left behind by the bus taking the kids to children's church. She wept sorely over the fact that she had been left behind, but she came to church with the adults and did well! After service, she was smiles and let me take this cute little picture of her. Charity is a hoot!
 And here is children's church in La Ceiba! The kids with the paper bags were waiting for the candy rain to being. (Fun!)

 I LOVE this picture of the youth leader's song praying with his hand over his heart. Adorable.
 Honduras is a very mixed culture, so some of these kids have some very unique and natural hair colors, like this little boy on the bus.

There was a break between Saturday morning service and Saturday night service. I believe this might have been when we got stuck in the mud in the van! Nathaniel and a nearby neighbor/husband of a sister in the church helped push us out of the rut we were stuck in! It was a bit comical.
 Saturday night pre-service prayer started and just kept on going. We never officially "started" service, but God has his way! The prayer went on for about 2 and a half hours, and 7 people received the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues as the Spirit of God gave the utterance! Whoo! God is good. This was such an awesome, powerful service.

 These services in Honduras left me blessed and encouraged. God is so good and knows exactly what we need!
Continue to remember the Schreckhise family and Pentecostals of Honduras in your prayers. I plan on posting more about camp and our Honduran adventures soon.


The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Jen, awesome post! I'm loving these :)
The picture of Charity and her being left behind made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! She is hilarious!
Love all the pictures and stories of the church services. Sounds like you had some great experiences!


Jennifer Connell said...

Bethany! Yes, she is hilarious! ;) We did have some great experiences! The people are great.