Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Honduras, Pt. 4

Sunday morning we had our last family camp service. Bro. Nathaniel Schreckhise was the song leader and there was a great spirit of worship and praise! Afterwards, all of us California young people were called up to the front to greet the congregation. 

 I'm not sure why it looks like I'm staring at Hanna's shoes...

 About the time Sister Trevino got up to say something and sing, we headed to the kitchen to help with lunch before church was over. The La Ceiba church was scheduled in the kitchen that day to prepare sack lunches! We had a lot of fun in the kitchen at the campground. Good memories!
 Sis. Trevino and Sis. Schreckhise mixing the chicken salad for the sandwiches.
 This little guy knocked out in a chair outside the kitchen during church. I had to take a pic!
 Eli was in charge of killing flies while everyone worked on the sack lunches. There were lots of flies that wanted to get a hold of the food. Thank you, Eli! Honduran Hero of the day.
 Assembly line!

 Sack lunches with a sandwich, banana and bag of chips ready to be served for all the hungry saints after church was over... ain't nothing that will work up your appetite like a good, Holy Ghost service! :)
Altar call went long and we got to go back into the sanctuary after making lunch and before the line formed. I am thankful for what God did in this family camp! Lives were changed a new chapters were started in the lives of many.
Hanna Banana!
Lanna, Francis and Lydia helping serve lunch.
Hanna and I with Brenda, Cristel and Francis. Cristel (in the middle) received the Holy Ghost a few months back and is doing good! Love that Holy Ghost smile!
I don't have this little girl's name, but isn't she cute?
Celeste, me, Ana and Hanna.
Allana and I getting photo bombed by a banana! The banana was helped by Nathaniel...

Bro. Fontanez took advantage of his photo bombing opportunity...
Celeste and I
This kiddo cracked me up! He kind of liked to follow Hanna and I around and watch us do whatever we were doing.
This bus picks up lots of people and brings them to the house of God... when you think of it, keep Honduras and the work there in your prayers. God is doing a great work and many souls are being reached. It is growing, and growth produces more needs! Good needs! ;) But needs nonetheless.
Hanna FaceTiming her brother and some church people in the front yard after church. After this we went to the church in La Ceiba, then to eat at the mall and then headed to the pier.
Josiah, Lydia and Lanna.
My new twin and I.

Hanna and her new twin!

Aww! Bro. and Sis. Schreckhise. ♥
The guys got a tad carried away at the pier with their stunts... as you will see.
Lydia Schreckhise--what a sweetheart. This little girl has such a beautiful spirit and an anointing is on her. Even hearing her sing in the house when her dad played the piano was so touching. She puts her heart into it and she loves God. I love seeing children devoted to God at an early age.
Us Americans were pretty much the center of attention at the pier. People around the pier were watching, pulling out their phones and taking pictures or videos. Quite comical!

Who says you can't have fun in the church?! We have a BLAST! It's so good to be living for God and have good, clean fellowship and real friends who uplift you and help you keep the faith. We are truly blessed; We have what the world is looking for. Many times I have seen people attracted to the church simply because they got to be around God's people for a time of fellowship. As one girl years ago once said, "We had FUN! And we didn't do anything bad!" Wordly fun many times brings guilt and shame--but fun in the Church is uplifting! When the world sees the love we have for one another, they will know we are Jesus' disciples. (John 13:35)

There is a story behind this hole.... I won't mention any names! :)
Hanna and I with Bryan. Bryan was a lot of fun! This picture was supposed to be up there with the rest of them but somehow ended up down here...

I'll do my best to post more later, but for now... isn't it awesome to be in the church? I think about this quite often. In the best of times and in the worst of times, there is no place I would rather be! Sometimes people get discouraged serving God when things don't go well or when trials come. My friend, God has not forsaken you. Remember Romans 8:28? If you are serving God--called according to His purpose--He will work all things together for your good. Life happens to everybody; to those who serve God and those who don't. The beautiful thing is that we are never alone when we serve Him. He never leaves us. He walks with us through the fire!

If you have repented, been baptized in Jesus' Name and filled with the Holy Ghost, you are BLESSED!


R. Keith Nix said...

Looks like an awesome time!

Jennifer Connell said...

It sure was! Gracias a Dios. :)

Kim Ramos said...

I love seeing all the pics of your trip and hearing about Honduras. Thanks for sharing:)

Jennifer Connell said...

Hi, Kim! Thanks for commenting--I'm glad you're enjoying it! I hope all is well. Take care! :)

Joelle Ellis said...

Hey, you should post pics of Brits wedding... if you have any. :D

Jennifer Connell said...

Hi, thanks for commenting!! :)

I was actually in New Mexico and didn't make it to the wedding, :( Hope you're doing good! :)

Joelle Ellis said...

Awww! Well, it was good to see you at OnCourse!

Jennifer Connell said...

Good to see you, too! :)