Monday, March 21, 2016

Honduras, Pt. 6

 The next day (Tuesday morning) we woke up to a lovely day and were very pleased with the breakfast they served at the hotel! It was very classy and the food was excellent. What a great deal we got, too!
 They made omelets right there in front of you... so delicious!
 Since we were near the border of Guatemala, this part of Honduras serves very thick tortillas like the Guatemalans do.
 Hanna and Allana
 Sarah and I
 Allana and I

 Hanna and I with the Schreckhise family. I think this was the only place we got a picture with all of them.
 And here's the street our hotel was on.
 We got on the tour bus and headed to the station to drop off Allana since she had to go home to be able to be at work the next day. It was sad to say goodbye! Hence the pouting faces. This girl has become a dear friend to me.
 We then headed to a pretty cool bird place! I don't know what it was called, so we'll go with the bird place and keep it simple. :) Ha!
 Our tour guide showed us around and explained to us about the birds we went to see.

 This Toucan was beautiful! Although these Toucans make rather annoying noises and are kind of scary when they hop from branch to branch or swoop over you with their huge pointy beaks! Yikes.
Italian Roast (My hand)
 Off of the trail were coffee plants! Maybe we could get these pictures printed on canvas and sell them to Starbucks to randomly hang on their walls like they usually do!
 Ethiopian Roast (Hanna's hands)

 Pretty scenery.
 Sis. Schreckhise and I. This dear lady is definitely on my role model list! Not a list written down somewhere, but a list in my mind and heart.
 Hanna running from Justin's shenanigans. (Water flinging)
 Josiah decided to take himself a little rest!
 At the end of the bird tour we were able to take pictures with 3 birds! While hoping they wouldn't  release anything on you during the picture taking...

 If you shook your wrist, this bird would spread his wings out for balance, which made for a really great photo opportunity!

 Hanna and I had already taken pictures individually with the birds, but I really wanted one of us together, so I asked the guys that worked there if we could. Then without warning me he set one of the birds right on top of my head! It was a really neat photo, and thankfully the bird didn't decided to get loosed on my head. If ya know what I mean.
 Bro. Trevino and his boys.

 In another section close by one of the birds was saying "Hanna!" Hanna was so excited! It also said "Hola!"
 The end of the tour lead us into a coffee shop trap where probably almost all of us spent money. I got a frozen coffee drink and bought a bag of this coffee for my cousin who made a special request before I left. He told me the coffee was really good... I should have bought more!
 Un-roasted coffee beans.
 Roasted coffee beans!

 If there was ever a picture to warm your heart, it would probably be this one! You can't get much more adorable than that!
 After the bird tour, the guys (most of them) went zip-lining, and the girls (plus the guys who didn't go) went and walked around the city of Copan and bought some souvenirs.

I plan on making one more post on Honduras after this one... part 7! Sounds like a good number to end with.


Anali Velez said...

"Italian roast and Ethiopian roast" -hahahaaha!

You and Allana look like sisters in that picture where you are pouting, and on the picture with the bird on your head you look like an Aztec queen. ;)

Jennifer Connell said...

Anali!! I cherish your rare comments. Aahaha.

Yes, someone people even got us confused at a quick glance. Funny. And I don't know about the Aztec queen! ;)