Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Read This... Seriously!

Yet another book has come out by none other than our good family friend, Evangelist Joe Savala! I have seriously been enjoying this little booklet and highly recommend you to be a purchaser! 

"Read This...Seriously! – is a collection of favorite poems and anecdotes Joe has used while preaching and teaching throughout the nation. This collection combined with the Joe's Biblical commentary and insightful life application makes for a spiritually challenging and humorous ride through the corridors of a serious mind...seriously!" (Quote from www.jpsministries.org)

I have been both blessed and challenged by this book and am sure that you will be as well. There are poems, short stories, quotes and commentary that will make you think, laugh, examine your motives, pray, and want to keep reading more! Click here to order!


R. Keith Nix said...

Brother Savala is the real deal.

Joe Savala said...

Sis. Jen, Thank you for the plug...I'm glad you have enjoyed it.