Wednesday, April 13, 2016

2016 Annual Old Fashioned Youth Rally

This past weekend we had what I think was our 7th or 8th annual mid-spring youth rally! It's hard to believe that it's been that long already--time sure can fly. I believe this may have been a record attendance of somewhere around 175 in our little store front home missions church! I'm thankful for God once again answering prayer and working in this meeting. It was a help to me and to our church, and I trust it was a help to others that came as well. Elder Ron Townsley preached a great message entitled "Wine Skins." I may possibly be able to most a link to the message sometime later. Hopefully I'll be able to, because if I try and explain it here I probably wouldn't do it any justice!
 The presence of God swept through the building in waves during altar call. People just lingered in the presence of the Lord... it was beautiful! Then there was tongues and interpretation, more prayer, and more lingering in the presence of God.
 One of our Elders talked to us about how Pentecost is losing the ability to simply stand and wait in the presence of the Lord. Too many times we get in a hurry or expect God to do something else, but really God just wants us to linger in His presence and let Him work on us.
 I can honestly say that the meetings and services I remember most and walked away changed from are the ones where I lingered in the altar and let the Lord do a work in my heart. I'm so thankful for those precious moments when deep calls to deep. It is services like these that have changed my life's course for ever.
May our lives be continually marked by these landmark experiences.


Mary Frances said...

WOW!!! AWESOME!!!! God is GOOD!!!

Jennifer Connell said...

Yes, He is! All the time! Miss you, Mary!! Thanks for commenting. ♥