Saturday, April 2, 2016

Honduras, Pt. 7

 Copan! What a unique city! We enjoyed walking around Copan the day before we left Honduras and headed home for the good old U.S.A.
 I loved this brightly painted building and the hanging plants--pretty!
 Hanna and I souvenir shopping in Copan. It got pretty hot that afternoon! Hence our slightly glistening domes.
 Teresa and Justin captured this little girl singing a song which I believe was in some sort of Mayan language. It was pretty cool!
She was a very persistent little saleswoman who was out selling dolls. Our group must have looked like a pretty good target to her! I didn't buy a doll but I gave her a tip and took a picture with her. Not too close though--she was full of head lice! :(
 Get ready for this, Adventures in Odyssey fans.....

Honduras has CHEESE DOODLES! The Electric Palace must get them imported or something, because the way Bart and Dorris live off those things....
Anyhow. If you ever want Cheese Doodles, go to Honduras! And if you want to go 100% Rathbone, they have pork rinds, too!
 I also saw some refrigerated toilet paper.... it does get hot there, so...

A group picture outside our hotel in Copan, minus Francis who couldn't be there. :(
 We drove back to San Pedro Sula and stayed the night in a hotel there before heading to the airport the next day. The airport is where I finally tried the Baleadas!
 A Baleada is basically a tortilla filled with the Honduran red beans and whatever else you want! Hanna and I both had one before we left!

 Me, Sis. Schreckhise and Charity a little while before we all said goodbye.
 And Nathaniel entertained us with his water bottle stacking skills, plus the case for my glasses.
 Honduras is a beautiful country! I'm very thankful for the opportunity I had to go there.

 But even more beautiful than all the sights to see are the people of Honduras--the souls. No matter where we go in this world, there are souls, and they are so precious to God.
Remember to keep Honduras in your prayers! Thank you for reading!


Peter Connell said...

I am so glad that you had the opportunity to go, and so thankful to the Schreckhise family for their wonderful hospitality to you and Hanna. I have enjoyed every post, all of the pictures, stories and commentary—and it is a bit sad to see that this is the last post in the series. There will have to be a next time.

Roulini Panggabean said...

Nice pictures! Looks like there were some fun times and long lasting memories.

Hanna said...

Ah, this truly makes me miss Honduras