Thursday, July 28, 2016


Now I know why everyone always says there is no conference like Heritage. Because there really isn't any conference like Heritage! It was my first time--so unique and special, and so spiritually focused. I'll try to share about it very soon. Let's just say that God did some wonderful things there, both in myself and in many others--things that will travel on and influence even those who were not there.

God is working in our churches in these last days and stirring young people all over the world. I awoke this morning to a somewhat jolting thought: If I am not careful, I could miss the soon Coming of the Lord. It is so important that we stay on fire for God in these perilous times when the love of many is waxing cold.

Are you ready? Praying? Looking for His coming? 

If you're not, now is the time!


The Cardenas Tribe said...

Hi Jen!
Just wanting to let you know that I have been praying for you and your church. I can't wait until we can fellowship again! Also looks like you have fun at heritage so I'll be waiting to hear about that

Mary Frances said...

Amen annnnnnnnnnd AMENNNNN!!! I'm soooo glad you got to come this year Jen, even tho we hardly got to see you, the little bit I did, I ENJOYED!!! Can't wait to read your post!!!

Jennifer Connell said...

Chris, thanks for praying for us!! I hope you had a blast at Donkey Rock! :)

Mary, I know! I only saw you for a little while, but it was good to see you again! Hopefully I'll see you at WCC, Lord willing!

R. Keith Nix said...

Heritage is, indeed, special. The one time I was able to attend, I loved the spirit I felt there. Glad it went well for you!

Mary Frances said...

Still waiting for that HERITAGE POST!!!

Jennifer Connell said...

Mary, I know!! Life has been pretty busy and I have a lot going on, but I still have Heritage and another mission's spotlight post on the proverbial list! Haha... Patience, my friend...patience. ;)

Sasha Pena said...

looks like good services