Monday, May 3, 2010

Church kids

Church kids are amazing. They can sleep soundly during a red hot service, quote scriptures, they "baptize" each other in the pool, and have "church" in their rooms with their stuffed animals. Seems like we are getting more and more kids at church! Some of them are really little and others are nearing teenage years. I'm proud of our church kids. They're good kids and they are growing up and becoming something good. God is using them! Here are some pics of some of the kids from our church!
Daniel under the pew...and Matt. (sorry Matt)
Me with Sasha
Mariana...growing up!
Daniel, Bell, and Sasha
Sasha and a new little girl coming with her mom now!
Jelani...he is hilarious!

Jelani and Daniel


Carol Connell said...

I love our church kids! Thanks for posting all these great pics.

Jennifer Connell said...

You're welcome! Love them too!

Matt said...

You betta be sorry! No really church kids are awsome.

Jennifer Connell said...

Haha aw man, you actually look at my blog? Now I can't post all your secrets! :( He he!