Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who's off their rocker?

A woman has been coming into my work for months and telling me that I look like Winona Ryder. "Who is Winona Ryder?" I don't keep up with Hollywood, I'm a one God Apostolic! She told me Winona Ryder was her favorite actress. I told her that I don't watch t.v. or anything like that and she was really surprised and told me I was unusual. Something like that anyways. After her telling me a few times, I went and looked this lady up. I think that I look nothing like her! Of course she looks different in all her pictures because she is an actress and is constantly changing her appearance, but I don't think I look like her at all.

Here is me:
Here is Winona Ryder:

The lady came back the other day and mentioned it again. I told her that I looked up Winona Ryder and that I didn't think I looked a thing like her. She was like really?? Almost like she was offended or thought that I was crazy! But hey, I refuse to look like the world! And I don't resemble this lady anyways, at least that I can see. So, is this customer of mine off her rocker, or am I?


BunnyEli said...

Ya I don't think you look like her lol Holiness is much more prettier than the world! ;)

The Polished Plume said...

She is 100% off her rocker! You're beautiful and Wynona Ryder couldn't compare to you in her wildest dreams. The ladies nuts!

Kathy McElhaney said...

Do you have a good optometrist you could recommend? She's needs her eyes checked!

You look like a daughter of the King... Winona does not!

Carol Connell said...

You don't look anything like Wynona Ryder. Mama knows best!!!

Mary Frances said...

HAHAHA! When I saw the first pic of you I was like OH wow thats the actress??? they DO look alike...and then I was like OH WAIT that is JENNIFER!!! BAHAHA! Well I am sure the lady MEANS it as a compliment BUT you don't look anything like her!!!! I was told once that I look like Madonna...BAHAHA! I don't even KNOW what she looks like either but I was told thats not a compliment...LOL!!! And you really are a MILLION times better lookin and PLUS that lady is OLD! Your only 18!!!

Jennifer Connell said...

Thanks everyone! lol After I saw her crazy pictures I was hoping I didn't really look like her!! And Mary, you do NOT look like Madonna! Thank the Lord! haha! I had somebody tell me once that I looked like the Mona Lisa! LOL!